Will 21st August Solar Eclipse Affect Your Business Website’s SEO Rankings? 

Well I have read several articles and blogs on the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 21st Aug, 2017 and although most of them are explaining about the phenomenon and how to watch it and how to prevent your eyes from not looking directly at the sun during the eclipse, one article discussed about how business will get affected by the solar eclipse, here is the link: https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/08/impact-of-the-eclipse-on-the-trucking-industry.html

So the question, will Solar Eclipse affect Your Website’s SEO Rankings? well, luckily your website’s SEO rankings are not linked with The Sun and The Moon but it is controlled by Google’s Algorithm. If your website has all the OnPage SEO Factors(Schema, Content, Title, Meta, etc), OffPage SEO Factors(Citations, Social, Link Building, Authority, etc) then your website will not get affected unless Google changes its algorithm on the same day.

SEO On Page and Off Page


5 Essential On Page SEO Factors

  1. Schema Markup (Read More at: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/get-started-using-schema/)
  2. Title
  3. Meta
  4. Keyword in URL
  5. Content

5 Essential Off Page SEO Factors

  1. Link Anchor Text (How other websites are linking to you)
  2. Citations (For Google Maps Listings)
  3. Social Presence (Traffic & Links)
  4. Link Relevancy (How Relevant is the Link to your Niche)
  5. Link Building (Blogs, Guest Posts, etc)

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